IT without borders

I can sense the excitement from my Mom’s voice as she told me over the phone that her school will be receiving 10 Units of Desktop PCs from a kind donor. My Mother is a head teacher in one of the public high school in Iriga City, Philippines. Before our call ended, she told me that she is now working with colleague to convert their mini library into computer laboratory as well.

When I went on vacation last December 2010, my mom asks me if I would like to pay her school a visit. She would also like me to check out her latest project. The computer laboratory… Who can resist such invitation?  

The Desktop PCs are midrange which fits the need of an educational institution. It has MSoffice and encyclopedia installed and other educational software. It has a built in wireless modem which make it easier to network and connect to the internet. It would cost at least 30,000 pesos per unit on my estimate that time.

I ask her if the student enjoys using their new computer and she told me that sadly, the computer is gathering dust in the laboratory and she went on telling me some of the issues:

  1. Electricity, the supply or lack thereof. They have a generator but it is often used for special school occasion
  2. She don’t have a computer teacher and even if she want to, the school can’t afford it
  3. Some of the teacher are afraid in using the PCs, afraid that they might break it

Another sad news is that someone broke in on their school and have taken 2 units, that’s the reason why she had to hire a security guard for the school.

That made me think so I told her that I may not be the right person for her first issue but I think I can do something about the second and third concerns. If she agree, I can give some computer lessons for her students while I’m on vacation. She agreed and I was able to become a pseudo computer teacher for a day.



I was planning to do it regularly each time I’m in Iriga however during my last visit, the students and even teacher are already on their Christmas break. Still, I would like to continue and looking at engaging the local officials in the community for my next vacation.

I highly encourage this to IT professionals, Teacher and students. Reach out to your local community and volunteer to teach/train them to be Computer and Technology literate for free

Topics that can be covered

  • Computer Basics
  1. Parts of computers and how to take care of them
  1. How to operate the computer, switching on/off and launching applications/software
  • Microsoft office and other productivity software
  • Internet(browsers, websites, social network,etc)
  • Gadgets(smartphones, tablet, etc)

Do you have the same project?Tell me your story?




One thought on “IT without borders

  1. This seems to be an interesting project to work on. I think that this is the time to help more Filipinos to expose them to a more complex reality of the IT world. It is now the time to think globally and start investing on them by sharing our knowledge/skills. We can utilize new technologies to collaborate in order for them to become more innovative and creative. There are so much to bring on if we only spend the time to help these students. There is also a need to equip them with the right tools that will allow them to learn and develop new skills. I find that this is going to be an exciting experience for them and especially, it will be beneficial for their future careers.

    We cannot seem to imagine how fast technology has evolved. In this age, we can keep our distance closer to our love ones. In this way, too, I have utilized different technologies, in assisting family and friends remotely and were dumbfounded by the capabilities of new technologies. With these advantages, I felt lucky in a way that I was familiar and knowledgeable on how to use them. However, I felt sad for those who were still clueless of what are these things like. Only if they knew how to use them or what they can do, then, we could have produced more generations of IT professionals. Being far from home, I have realized the reality that, there is, indeed, an inadequacy in our educational system and government support, but I commend our educators who have been resourceful and forward thinking in keeping the students motivated. In a developed country, students are given the attention and the needs in helping them achieve their goals. In our country, I find that the inaccessibility to information has made many Filipinos blinded and oppressed. This is why the generation of today will help transform the future and this is only possible if we assist them now to help educate them and lead them to the direction of modernity. I love sharing what I know and what I have learned. I feel that we can only consider ourselves worthy of what we know, if we are able to make a difference to other people.

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