Remote PeopleSoft Admin via windows

Remote PeopleSoft Admin

As discussed on my previous post, I created a tool that allows me to manage PeopleSoft environment remotely. The concept applies if you are using a Windows workstation and your peoplesoft application server, process scheduler and weblogic(8.52 up only) are installed in a unix/linux server. Details of the tools here:

To begin the configuration, you will require a windows ssh client. I’m using plink which is a free windows ssh client. You can download plink here:

Here an example on how to check the status of your environment:

  1. create a text file with the following content, save as mypsadmin.txt


The content of the text file simple performs the following:

hostname display the name of the server

. /pshome/ execute the file to setup the peoplesoft environment variables. Replace with the actual PSHOME of your environment

psadmin –p status –d PSDMOHR the command line option to display the status of the peoplesoft process scheduler called PSDMOHR, replace with your Database/peoplesoft Domain

2. perform ssh connection to your unix/linux server and execute the file created in step 1 on the server


Replace the following values accordingly

Admin – account which owns the peoplesoft installation on the server – server hosting the process scheduler instance

Password – password of the admin account

Test and let me know how it goes.


2 thoughts on “Remote PeopleSoft Admin via windows

  1. I am trying to use plink and invoke psadmin for checking the process schedular status… but I am keep getting TUXDIR environment variable not set . can you pls help me how to fix this. I tried to update .bash_profile to set TUXDIR but no luck.

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