Apps of interest

Lately I’ve been searching for an app that I can use to automate some of my task on my phone. After a few search, I’ve found some promising app which I piqued my interest

•touch develop for windows phone – I went through the tutorials and it is focused mainly on creating new apps, will explore this more
Also available for ios and android

•on {x} for android – created by microsoft, currently beta and no wp version which is weird. I’ve created a script using this app before but for some reason, doesn’t allow me to create script via android phone instead, I need to login using a pc browser which sucks

•ittt fo ios – I mean to test this with the wife’s iphone or ipad. I’ve already created an account on thier website and will test some of thier recipe


software versions

From time to time we need to determine the version of the software when performing upgrades and patching, i’m compiling the list of command line to determine the software in unix for easy reference

1. version of tuxedo installed

export TUXDIR=<location of tuxedo installation>

. $TUXDIR/tux.env

$TUXDIR/bin/tmadmin -v

2. version of java

export JAVADIR=<location of java installation>

$JAVADIR/java -version

3. version of peopletools 


psadmin -v

4. version of oracle client


6. Weblogic version

WL_HOME=<weblogic installation>

$WL_HOME/server/lib/java -cp weblogic.jar weblogic.version

sqr vs pssqr

someone ask me the other day how to run a peoplesoft sqr process via unix command line. I would say it is pretty much straight forward as i’ve made many unix interface script to trigger sqr process. Although i must admit sometimes it is confusing given that PeopleSoft allows execution of sqr via the sqr command and the wrapper pssqr. Below are some comparison on how to use both command to execute your sqrs:

pssqr Command Line Parameters

pssqr -CT <databasetype> -CD <databasename> -CA <AccessID> -CAP <AccessPwd> -RP <sqrprogramname> -R <runcontrolid> -I <process instance> -OP <outputdest> -CO <userid> -OT <outputtype> -OF <outputformat>

sqr command line parameters

sqr <sqrdir>/<sqrfile> <dbuser>/<dbpassword>@<database> “-o<outputdir>/<outputfile>” -xb -xi -zif<sqrdir>/pssqr.unx <database> <process instance> <userid> <runcontrolid>

are you all set once you pass the listed parameters? not yet! there are environment variables which needs to be set before you can actually run the binary, this are:

TUXCONFIG(for sqr command line only)

now you should be able to execute the sqr via command line. It is important to keep in mind the number characters that is allowed in the unix command line, the best practice is to use variables or file that can be used by the command. You can use the below example

sample 1

echo “-CT ORACLE -CD DEMO -CA PS -CAP PS -RP PSSQR -R PSSQRRNCTL -I 1 -OP /tmp/PSSQR.lis -CO VP1 -OT 6 -OF 2 -LG ENG “>/tmp/mysqr.cmd
export PS_HOME=/app/psoft
export PS_SERVER_CFG=${PS_HOME}/appserv/prcs/DEMO/psprcs.cfg
export PS_SERVDIR=${PS_HOME}/appserv/prcs/DEMO
export SQR_OUT=${PS_HOME}/bin
${PS_HOME}/bin/pssqr /tmp/mysqr.cmd

sample 2

export PS_HOME=/app/psoft
export TUXCONFIG=${PS_HOME}/appserv/prcs/DEMO/PSTUXCFG
export PROG=${PS_HOME}/sqr/glsgtd01.sqr
export DB=sysadm/sysadm@${PS_DBNAME}
$PROG $DB “-o/tmp/PSSQR.out” -xb -xi “-i/PSSQR.lis/,$PS_SERVER_CFG/sqr/,” -zif$PS_SERVER_CFG/sqr/pssqr.unx “-f/tmp/PSSQRRNCTL.lis” DEMO 1 VP1 PSSQRRNCTL