PS/NVision with Active Data Guard

Active Data Guard(ADG) is one of the key feature introduced in PeopleTools 8.51, steps to configure ADG is discussed in the Peoplebooks Data Management section:

I made the recommendation to configure ADG in order to maximize the PeopleTools 8.53 feature as part of an Ongoing Upgrade project. Besides the PeopleTools documentation, it is also one of the highlight in the Release value proposition for PeopleTool 8.53 especifically the ability to offload processing to standby database via ADG. Imagine my surprise when we raise an SR to oracle to address an issue we are encountering when running PS/nVision on the standby database and was advised that the functionality is not supported by ADG contradicting the previously published document.

Not entirely convinced by the information provided, I performed some troubleshooting and managed to make PS/nVision run against the standby database. It turned out that additional process are required besides the one outlined in PeopleBooks. The highlevel wil be:

1. create DBlink- script provided by oracle createdblinktoprimary.sql
2. create local synonyms- scripts provided by oracle createlocalsynonyms.sql
3. create remote synonyms- scrips provided by oracle createremotesynonyms.sql

The missing steps for DML redirection requires a trigger to be created which switch the primary schema user to standby schema user each time it login to the standby database. The details can be found in