Windows insider Experience


Enrolled myself to the windows insider program and was able to take the new Microsoft OS for a spin. Initially tested the release on Oracle Virtual box, installation went smoothly.

I then  decided to jump the gun and upgrade my windows 8.1 on my acer iconia w700 to windows 10 release, installation was a success but errors were encountered left and right, a bit expected and waited for a new build to be released.

Proceed with the upgrade of windows 8.1 to windows 10 mobile on my lumia 920. Corrupted my OS, have to plugin to my PC to perform recovery. Was able to recover and install, my lumia 920 is now running windows 10 preview.

A new windows 10 build was released, upgraded my windows 10 VM first. Seen a lot of improvement. Upgraded my w700, Encountered a boot loop issue. I have to reformat my w700 and reinstall windows 8.1 then upgrade to windows 10 build. This time the upgrade works and a more stable windows 10 runs smoothly on my w700. Impressed with the UI and the performance.

Signup for the August 29 windows 10 release on my asus laptop.the same laptop which host my Windows 10 VM.

Dday, August 29. Downloaded windows 8.1 upgrade on my PC which took about an hour or so. After the download and install. Windows 10 start downloading and was able to upgrade my asus from windows 8.1 to 10

Still testing, my setup are as follows:

1. Windows 10 preview on Oracle virtual box 5, guest OS on asus gaming laptop

2. Windows 10 home on ASUS gaming laptop

3. Windows 10 professional on my afer iconia w700 touch

4. Windows 10 mobile preview on my Lumina 920


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