PeopleSoft integration with 3rd party using SSL

The PeopleSoft and 3rd party integration using SSL covers the following:

  • Installation of the 3rd party Root Certificate. 
  1. You can request the website owner to send you the copy, subsequently you can open the HTTPS website
  2. Click the padlock icon,view certificate 
  3. on the certificate pane, click on details then copy to file
  4. On the export pane, select base-64
  5. Provide the path and filename and finish the export
  6. Copy the certificare file exported in step 5 to the server hosting the application server
  7. Import the certificate in the IB key store(pskey by default) using the following command: keytool -import -file [pemfile] -alias [3rd party name] -keystore pskey
  8. You are done, the root ca is added to your keystore
  • Setup your SSL certificate
  1. Use keytool -genkey -alias [SPID] -keystore pskey
  2. Complete the prompt and provide the required details
  3. Get it signed by a public known CA by generating CSR use keytool -certreq -alias [SPID] -keystore pskey then send to the CA for signing to get the signed client certificate
  4. Import the signed CA certificate keytool -import -alias [SPID] -file [filename] -keystore pskey
  • Provide the rootCA used to signed your client SSL certificate to the 3rd party to import in their keystore
  • Update your integration file ig.certificateAlias=[SPID] ig.certificatePasswd=[encrypted password]

You are done. Congratulations!