Peoplesoft Upgrade manager tables

 PS tables containing information of PUM image

PS_PTIASPRPTHEAD – Details of bug

PS_PTIASPRPTBODY- resolution info

PS_PTIASPRPTMOL – PS objects modified

PS_PTIASPRPTREQS – details of bug prereq

PS_PTIASPRPTRQPOVW – details of the bug post requirements

PS_PTIASTESTOBJREPO – component to test related to the bug


PeopleSoft Update Manager Dashboard (PUM Dashboard)

The Update Manager Dashboard provides a central location for all update tasks. The dashboard provides analytics for PUM (PeopleSoft Update Manager) that assist in determining your current level of maintenance. The various pivot grids provided on the dashboard, provide access into the maintenance logs and bug information for each database uploaded to the PeopleSoft Update Image.

While there is no question that it is a very useful feature specially the About PeopleSoft Image page which allows you  to display information about the PeopleSoft Image.

Select selectPeopleTools, then selectLifecycle Tools, then selectUpdate Manager Dashboard, then selectUpdate Manager Utilities, then selectAbout PeopleSoft Image

The interface is somewhat lacking specially as drilling down to the pre/post requisite bugs requires multiple click. The same process can easily be achieve via excel and macro. Below is the comparison between the excel macro and the About Update Image utilities