stuff that matters to me this week 0925


stuff that matters to me this week 0811

managing emails

critical windows security patch

storytelling for job interview

cleaning browser

software freebies

xbox controller pc compatible

mysql workbench new look

cloud service?

build your skill muscle

machine learning

shortcut to document

website anatomy

future of desktop

how to be happy

new particle for your hard drive

stuff that matters to me this week 0804

how to recycle gadget

don’t be a work hero

should you fear AI

ethernet hacks

common house appliance fix

decision tricks

common mispronunciation

smart googling

hidden games

solar panel windows

improving short attention span

science around happiness

stuff that matters to me this week 0728

sim card hack

oracle and arm plans for java

dslr features

speeding up the intenet

dslr and android phone

deliberate mistakes to progress

java as a service

women in tech,2817,2422200,00.asp?utm_medium=referral&utm_source=pulsenews

how we learn new skills

oracle vs the solaris support