Smart home project

Home Automation test phase 1:

Finally give in and got myself a smart speaker. 

Pardon my voice 😛

  • Simple commands
  • TV operation:
  1. switching on
  2. playing YouTube video
  3. switching off
  • Smart light:
  1. switching on
  2. change color
  3. switching off
  • Some Q&A
  • Playing music

ps. Google also responded to my recorded voice even if my voice id is enabled.need to check my settings



Awesome Google translate

It’s not a big secret that Google can handle translation quite well. 

But do you know that it can copy the vernacular of the country as well? Totally awesome!

I asked Google to say CUPCAKE in Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Thai.

It can’t speak Filipino though which is a bummer. 

If you are an android user you can test with Google assistant(ok Google). For Mac/PC user, you can go to Google translate website and click the speaker icon

Excel mini game, AI ver1

AI engine in action for my excel mini game. Will need to define more strategy. 

My plan is to use VBA but after experimenting with excel formula, was able to compute moves and position by aggregating my data using the position of each piece.

The excel tab containing piece details and aggregated data for the positions and possible moves

Excel mini game beta

Decided to start a side project as refresher for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

They always say that if you want to learn something, building a game is the best way to go. Below is a video demo of the mini game that I created using excel. 

-It’s based on the game called Salpakan(game of the generals).It is basically a cross between chess and battleship.

-the rules is fully incorporated. 

-AI is in place, you can see how P1 piece move from cell to cell.

-Still a crappy AI, need to revise the algorithm. Currently, I’m just ranking the piece based on the position in the board and incorporate randomness on the direction of the movement. 

-will try to improve the AI by building a move datasets then evaluate the move instead of the position of the piece.

-player Vs player is something that I will look into as well. 

-since this is a side project, will post some more update once I make more progress

Tech buzzword

Some tech buzzword that you might want to incorporate in your Thesis, Research or Seminars:


-Big Data ang Analytics

-Machine Learning

-Block chain

-IoT(Internet of Things)

-Crowd Sourcing

-Virtual/Augmented Reality

-Artificial Intelligence

-Virtual assistance

Did I miss anything?

Add in the comment section

Peoplesoft Upgrade manager tables

 PS tables containing information of PUM image

PS_PTIASPRPTHEAD – Details of bug

PS_PTIASPRPTBODY- resolution info

PS_PTIASPRPTMOL – PS objects modified

PS_PTIASPRPTREQS – details of bug prereq

PS_PTIASPRPTRQPOVW – details of the bug post requirements

PS_PTIASTESTOBJREPO – component to test related to the bug

PeopleSoft integration with 3rd party using SSL

The PeopleSoft and 3rd party integration using SSL covers the following:

  • Installation of the 3rd party Root Certificate. 
  1. You can request the website owner to send you the copy, subsequently you can open the HTTPS website
  2. Click the padlock icon,view certificate 
  3. on the certificate pane, click on details then copy to file
  4. On the export pane, select base-64
  5. Provide the path and filename and finish the export
  6. Copy the certificare file exported in step 5 to the server hosting the application server
  7. Import the certificate in the IB key store(pskey by default) using the following command: keytool -import -file [pemfile] -alias [3rd party name] -keystore pskey
  8. You are done, the root ca is added to your keystore
  • Setup your SSL certificate
  1. Use keytool -genkey -alias [SPID] -keystore pskey
  2. Complete the prompt and provide the required details
  3. Get it signed by a public known CA by generating CSR use keytool -certreq -alias [SPID] -keystore pskey then send to the CA for signing to get the signed client certificate
  4. Import the signed CA certificate keytool -import -alias [SPID] -file [filename] -keystore pskey
  • Provide the rootCA used to signed your client SSL certificate to the 3rd party to import in their keystore
  • Update your integration file ig.certificateAlias=[SPID] ig.certificatePasswd=[encrypted password]

You are done. Congratulations!

excel search

This is the core function in most of my excel tools, a VBA for searching a rows

Public Function Find_First(my_string As Variant)
Dim Rng As Range
If Trim(my_string) <> “” Then
With Sheets(“Sheet1”).Range(“A:A”)
Set Rng = .Find(What:=epm_domain, _
After:=.Cells(.Cells.Count), _
LookIn:=xlValues, _
LookAt:=xlWhole, _
SearchOrder:=xlByRows, _
SearchDirection:=xlNext, _
If Not Rng Is Nothing Then
MY_COLUMN2_VAL = Sheets(“Sheet1”).Cells(Rng.Row, 2).Value
MsgBox “Nothing found”
End If
End With
End If
End Function